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Name: Mauro
Hometown: Rialto, CA, USA
Sent: 6.26 AM - mon 31 dec 2001

I've read all of the entries in this guestbook and I'm angry about the bad reviews. If you don't like The Catcher In The Rye you're a moron and you shouldn't visit this site if you don't like the book. If you're a person who doesn't like the book and you're offended that I'm calling you a moron then it's probably because you are a MORON!Like Holden says "All morons hate it when you call them a moron." (Ch.6)Get out of here if you don't like the book, you really should question yourself on why you're here if you don't like it. Maybe you should go listen to DMX or something.

Name: Mauro Fernandez
Hometown: Rialto, California, U.S.A.
Sent: 5.14 AM - mon 31 dec 2001

I was in 8th grade when I first read The Catcher In The Rye and I got a kick out of it. Prior to reading this book, I rarely read any books. I only read books that school required. I used to be one of those morons that doesn't read because of laziness. My friend told me that this book was "good" and today I see that as a great understatement. So she let me borrow it, I read it and I realized that I think similar to the way Holden thinks. While I was reading the book, I had an infatuation with a dumb girl and I agreed with what Holden said about girls, "They can drive you crazy. Really they can." (Ch. 10). Another thing is that Phoebe reminds me a lot of my niece, Daniela, who id 4 years old because of their innocence and how they'll lose it. After reading this book I started to read other books and I found that they were all very enlightening and I decided to name The Catcher In The Rye my favorite book because it was the catalyst in my literature reading and because it's a wonderful book. Now I'm reading a lot of books, I'm currently reading The Red Pony by Steinbeck and The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. I was really impressed by your site because it has a lot of interesting things about this book that I didn't know about. I read your summary and thought it was wrong and I was going to question you about it but then I found out it was a phony summary and I laughed because some kids probably use that to cheat because they're so lazy. I read some other people's messages and they're so ignorant about your phony summary and it makes me laugh even more. I hope that kids that are too lazy to read the book and look for a summary and find one here and use it learn their lesson about cheating. Thank you for giving me a laugh.

Name: Eric Dean
Hometown: Hamden, CT, USA
Sent: 3.54 AM - mon 31 dec 2001

I enjoyed your website very much. I first read CR when I was a teenager and in prep school, to boot, so the book resonated on many levels (such as how grim and lonely Saturday nights can be, or the classic scene where Edgar Marsalla lets one rip in the middle of convocation. I can attest to the truthfulness of all this!). At age 51, I've gone back to read CR again, and find it (still) to be quite a classic--a most sensitive investigation of adolescence, and one's emerging awareness of the flawed nature of the world, but the limits of one's ability to change or redeem it. It must be very rewarding to teach this book to high school students--to gauge their reactions, and to think that they may well go back to read the book again, later in life, when they have more experience under their belts. Good luck (even though Holden hated hearing that phrase!). ["I'm pretty sure he yelled "Good luck!" at me. I hope not. I hope to hell not." !!! (ch. 2)]

Name: John D.
Hometown: Sydney, N.S., Canada
Sent: 4.05 AM - sun 30 dec 2001

Great site, I have enjoyed it thoroughly. I just finished reading TCITR this afternoon and it will probably stay with me for a long time. I am going to start re-reading it tomorrow, Holden has already changed my life. He kills me. I swear to god. I think that the site itself could be a little easier to access, bit better organized and all. Great other than that. Does anyone know of any good catcher in the rye or holden caulfield chat rooms or sites with chatrooms? if there are, email me. much appreciated. Good luck with the site(don't you hate it when someone tells you good luck?)

Name: Tobias Wahlbrinck
Hometown: rheine
Sent: 3.16 PM - fri 28 dec 2001

Hi paps! ich bins, tobias. ich bin im planetarium an einem komischen computer. tschüss!

Name: Bernd Wahlbrinck
Hometown: Home of the Wadel
Sent: 8.49 PM - mon 17 dec 2001

referring to the previous entry:
"... absichtlich ungenau"?! Shepard, are you kidding?eine derartige (absichtlich) von absurden Details strotzende Zusammenfassung als "ungenau" zu bezeichnen ist wirklich ein gelungenes Understatement!

Name: Shepard
Sent: 1.50 AM - mon 17 dec 2001

Die Zusammenfassung ist absichtlich ungenau.

Name: tara
Hometown: calgary
Sent: 10.38 PM - tue 4 dec 2001

impressed with the site. love the book... thanx!

Name: Hope
Hometown: East Greenwich
Sent: 11.46 PM - sun 2 dec 2001

I would like to compliment you on this amzing website on the Catcher in the Rye. One complaint,you compare CR and Holden to every thing and everybody, but it seems as though you have missed the obvious fact that Holden is base on J.D. Salinger himself!

Name: –²
Sent: 3.22 PM - thu 29 nov 2001

I agree..

Name: Veronique
Hometown: cap-de-la-madeleine
Sent: 2.08 PM - wed 28 nov 2001

Hey there, I read your summary of the catcher in the rye and I believe many of the informations you wrote are wrong. I have rad the book as a class assignment and I have asked other calssmates to read your summary and they also find it wrong. Some of the information you write about have never occured in the novel!!! I just wanted to state this for other people who visit this site who havent read the book so they dont think this is really what the book is about.

Sent: 11.13 PM - mon 26 nov 2001

anyone who wants acurate information on the catcher in the rye should go to this site, and leave this on right away. the summary is all wrong.

Name: lil bastard
Sent: 10.53 PM - mon 26 nov 2001

you mentioned that if it is ever requied to memorize books in order to preserve them against destruction, you would gladly memorize "The Catcher in the Rye". Please, Please, Please DON'T. your summary is mostly wrong. you have simple facts all turned around. for example, Holden doesn't like Ackley, he is totally annoyed by him. anyone doing a report in HS or college should not use this as a basis.

Name: fergal killeen
Sent: 12.54 PM - wed 21 nov 2001

its a truelly delightful book and your webpage is really gay just like me. i read the book 31 times in one year. its so wonderful it brings a tear to my eye. thanx J.D. u complete me.

Sent: 12.36 PM - wed 21 nov 2001

its great

Name: Tim Bayzak
Hometown: southeastern Massachusetts
Sent: 2.57 AM - fri 16 nov 2001

I have to say, you're page is superb. I'm doing a term paper in English class based on- "the speculation that Salinger used his real life events in his novel THE CATCHER IN THE RYE." Christ, your page nailed it.

Name: Shepard
Sent: 5.25 AM - fri 9 nov 2001

You'll probably never read this, but...why do you dislike the Simpsons?

Name: William
Hometown: Gaithersburg
Sent: 9.21 PM - fri 2 nov 2001

I am reading The Catcher in the Rye in my english class and I had to do a report on a related topic. Can anyone mail me any information on "Mental Hospitals". I need all the info I can get for my report.

Name: Anita P.
Sent: 7.38 PM - fri 2 nov 2001

Name: PhameNES
Hometown: Halle-Cidy
maybe about 17
Sent: 11.47 AM - tue 30 oct 2001

The Catcher In The Rye is such a motherfucking shit!!!



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Name: Emily
Hometown: Derby, UK
Sent: 8.31 PM - sun 28 oct 2001

I have just read some of the messages here and it seems to me with reference to the Summary, a lot of people do not recognise irony when it is staring them in the face.

Name: Emily Greentree
Hometown: Derby, UK
Sent: 8.19 PM - sun 28 oct 2001

I would just like to say how interesting and useful your website is. I am a great fan of english literature and The Catcher In The Rye has beena long-time favourite. So far I have read it 3 times and it never gets boring - there is always something to think about. I can totally identify with Holden and I think the book is great. Your website has given me lots of ideas for my coursework essay on the CR, You are a life saver! Thanks!

Name: michal
Hometown: kfar saba
Sent: 1.23 PM - sat 27 oct 2001

i'm from israel. i read the translted version and expressing my opioion about seems difficultsince i am still overwollmed by this simple,mind challnging novel.i admire the fact you devoted a hole websiteb to this book and take it so seriosly.if i could get this much information about all the subjects that intrest me i would not be able to idtenfy with holden...thank you for doing this!

Sent: 1.14 PM - tue 16 oct 2001


Hometown: PERTUIS
Sent: 1.13 PM - tue 16 oct 2001


Name: Henrik Kuepker-Born
Hometown: Home of the Wadel
Sent: 11.04 AM - sat 13 oct 2001

My dear neighbour,
with great interest I read your site about a book obviously gloryfied by so many people writing into your guest book. I must confess that I have not yet read the book nor even had I had heard of it before you told me about it a few weeks ago. The fact that there seem to be lots of fans in the entire world leads me to the decission to read the book, too. After that I will contact you again to discuss topics that are worth it.
Hope to see you in good health again soon.

Name: Jeff (again)
Sent: 2.41 PM - thu 11 oct 2001

As far as favorite characters, I'd say Yossarian in Catch-22 is my personal favorite, and if you like Catcher, you'll probably like Catch-22.

Name: Jeff Kilgore
Sent: 2.39 PM - thu 11 oct 2001

I'm an English teacher teaching the book to kids in the state of Kansas' largest juvenile detention center. They understand Holden, I think. . .

Name: Isabelle
Sent: 9.56 PM - mon 8 oct 2001

Interesting page, but I do think you have a bit too much time on your hands.

Name: Brendan
Hometown: New Zealand
Sent: 1.18 AM - mon 8 oct 2001

I read the book because I heard about the John Lennon connection, It is the best book I'v ever read it think, I fell in love with it right away. I love his relationship with his sister, it seems he has a better relationship with her than any other girl in his life. I think this is because it is not sexual in any way. He almost had this with Jane.
Holden was right, a lot of people are phoneys. It's just when they become adults they don't relize this.

Name: Mimi
Hometown: Yorkshire, England
Sent: 1.50 PM - fri 5 oct 2001


Name: Mimi
Hometown: Yorkshire, England
Sent: 1.48 PM - fri 5 oct 2001

Name: Rheza Gabriel
Hometown: Ateneo de Manila University
Sent: 10.14 AM - fri 5 oct 2001

I read J.D Salinger's "Catcher In The Rye" when I was 14 years old. A friend of mine, who was already 24 years old at that time gave his first copy of the book to me(I suppose he had around more than 5 copies of it already... if I recall correctly). He read it when he was 16, and ever since then Holden had become his favorite fictional character. When I first read the book, I instantly fell in love with Holden too, although I have never considered him fictional, because he just seems too real... so like me... crazy, compassionate, confused, idealistic... loving and hating all at the same time... most of all Holden Caulfield is a person who embodies the truth, no matter how dissillusioned he might be.

Name: Mary
Hometown: Moscow
Sent: 3.31 PM - sun 30 sep 2001

I'm so grateful to you for the creation of this site! I am from Russia, but I speak English quite fluentely as I study in the University of Foreign Languges. I read Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye" in the original two times and I found it reslly impressive. I think this novel is very true to life.
What I like most in this novel, is that it is not pathetic at all. It describes in a very natural way the inner world of a teenager, who feels very lonely in fact.
Most peaple who can't be understood are lonely, and there are very few people who are really understood, becouse people mostly don't pay any attention to others, they look at others only through themselves and that prevents them from real understanding.
I'm sorry for my language, if it seems strange to you.
It is only becouse it's not my native language. But I hope, that the ideas are clear. I'm very glad that I've found this site.

Name: Kerry
Sent: 3.24 AM - fri 28 sep 2001

I just wanted to let you know that your summary is wrong. I have the book in my hand and nowhere does it say that Holden is going to get a "Greyhound" bus and go West, it just says he is going to go West. As well, Phoebe does not drop her suitcase on the floor and all her stuff does not fall out. Holden checks it into the museum. These are just a FEW things I noticed when I scanned over the summary. One more thing, Phoebe's principal never catches Holden rubbing off the words on the fact he never even sees the principal! I think your websites pretty good, but maybe you should consider reading the novel again and getting the information right!

Name: Stephanie
Hometown: Winnipeg
Sent: 10.42 PM - sun 23 sep 2001

Hey i'm a grade 11 student in wpg. canada. And i jsut want to say that your page is AWESOME really helped me put my essay into context. This book is really good, even tohught some students in my class don't like it. U broke it down soo well, and i have learnt alot more about "lil bots and pieces"THANKS

Hometown: THATS TO EASY!
Sent: 6.58 PM - wed 19 sep 2001


Name: Holly
Hometown: Wigan, NW England
Sent: 10.07 AM - mon 10 sep 2001

Greetings. I have to say that I read CR for the first time recently and it did some strange things to me, especially the tales about Allie's death, and the story of James Castle. It's the kind of book that I wish I'd wrote... the kind of story that is in everyone, yet Salinger had the language and the manner to express his in a kind of sometimes dismissive, sometimes moving, well- balanced way I guess. Oh, something u might already know... In "Gin Soaked Boy" by Irish band the Divine Comedy, Neil Hannon actually says @I'm the Catcher In the Rye... I'm Geoff Goldblum in the Fly"!! Your site helped shed light. Keep up the light shedding work, but don't tell people too much or else you might start missing them (!)

Name: maureen
Hometown: cincinnati
Sent: 7.44 PM - sat 8 sep 2001

I just finished rereading this novel. Wow, What a different experience it is to read this book as an adult than as a teenager. I read that the teenage brain works completely differently than the adult brain and now I believe that's true. Poor Holden. I hope he makes it to adulthood to see everything and everyone aren't phonies, and that he can be happy in his own skin.
I suggest any adult with teenage children to reread this book for a fresh perspective on what their kid may be thinking.

Name: Femke Maes
Hometown: Hoeven (Netherlands)
17 (no lie)
Sent: 11.19 AM - thu 30 aug 2001

I read the catcher in the rye actually to find out the connection between the book and murderer(s). I found it a rather good book though, anyway. I now know that Mark Chapman carried the book with him when he was arrested for the murder on John Lennon. Does anybody know more about a possible connection between tcitr and murderers???
greetings from a bit cloudy Holland

Name: Femke Maes
Hometown: Hoeven (Netherlands)
17 (no lie)
Sent: 11.16 AM - thu 30 aug 2001

I read the catcher in the rye partially because I wanted to find out what the connection was with murderer(s). I now know that Mark Chapman carried the book with him when he was arrested for the murder of John Lennon. Does anybody know something more of this (in my opinion) very strange link between murderers and tcitr???
greetings from a bit cloudy Holland,

Name: Femke Maes
Hometown: Hoeven (Netherlands)
17 (no lie)
Sent: 11.15 AM - thu 30 aug 2001

I read the catcher in the rye partially because I wanted to find out what the connection was with murderer(s). I now know that Mark Chapman carried the book with him when he was arrested for the murder of John Lennon. Does anybody know something more of this (in my opinion) very strange link between murderers and tcitr???
greetings from a bit cloudy Holland,

Name: Shepard
Sent: 12.19 AM - wed 29 aug 2001

I can't believe all the kids that read Catcher in the Rye for school. When I was a kid I got expelled for reading Ulyssus in study hall. Got bless the new Amerika. Although, it was easier to be a rebel in my age.

Name: Tali
Sent: 10.53 PM - tue 28 aug 2001

I really loved cather in the rye I read it in about a day.This website really gives some great aspects of the book internally and externally.

Name: Rudolph schmidt
Hometown: Australia
Sent: 10.48 AM - wed 15 aug 2001

Hey, its me again,
well I have come back to this site because it is so good and although I may have had a little too much spare time on my hands one night I read practically all of the replys in here and noticed that most of the people who have written a message are around my age. I figured out that it's because high school students read catcher at school, but it was just great to know that other youths really liked the book and thought of it as more of a growth experiance instead of the usual boring books we read at school!

Name: Shepard
Sent: 12.53 AM - thu 9 aug 2001

I never read the summary assuming that it was accurate, and like an idiot I went ahead and praised it. If I had known that it was intentionally flawed I would've praised it even more. I would've praised the hell out of it. Genius. I wonder how many lazy ass kids handed that in to their teachers.

Name: Rudolf Schmidt (jokes)
Hometown: Australia
Sent: 12.10 PM - tue 7 aug 2001

Hey, Your site is so so good, It sounds sad but I spend hours and hours reading parts of the book figuring out how Salinger paints such a clear personality like Holden, wondering why I feel like I know him. Through your site and lots and lots of thought I've figured out that everyone can relate to holden as he is like hmmm how can I put it...the adolescent transition personified and maybe magnified. From CR I know now what a CLASSIC really is, oh yeah, I love the summary, it made me realise not to trust anything on the net until I know all the facts...I hope ppl fell for it!

Name: Tim
Hometown: Texas
Sent: 1.21 PM - fri 3 aug 2001

Some people are going to be for a shock if they use your summary as a guideline. Very creative, but not close to being accurate. Bad spagetti?

Name: Stephanie
Hometown: California
Sent: 1.24 AM - fri 3 aug 2001

What is wrong with your page? If you want someone to take you serously, try to make their first impression a good one. I even went back to my book, and I could find no mention of Mr. Spencer trying to sell Holden his Navajo blanket or Holden running into Mr. Ossenburger. It was then that I decided that all of your website must have so many errors as the first page.
Either fix it, or tell people what the are getting themselves into.

Name: Pam
Hometown: Dublin,Ireland
Sent: 2.15 PM - wed 1 aug 2001

I love this book I read it in one sitting and thought it was so good read it again I could so relate it was as if the book was only written recently

Name: Katie
Hometown: Gosforth, England
Sent: 4.23 PM - sun 22 jul 2001

Your website helped me realise a lot of issues and points I had originally missed in the book. First time reading this I found myself I little disappointed, but for understanding it more I feel I can now enjoy and appreciate it a lot more. Thank you for a brilliant site.

Name: sammy
Hometown: as
Sent: 4.22 AM - wed 18 jul 2001

You seem to be an enthusiastic supporter of Catcher in the Rye....I am looking for web posting of the original reviews (1951) and a detailed list of bannings and why banned. The link you had for the early review is not good. I need to support this book for a middle school library and need more

thanks for any info


Name: Lacey
Hometown: Oklahoma
Sent: 3.50 AM - wed 18 jul 2001

I found your site very entertaining. I was doing some research about The Catcher In The Rye for my AP english class I am enrolled in this semester. I think that your site would teach some kids (that actually take the time to read it)a lesson in the importance of reading the novel. I loved your site. *Lacey*

Name: Bryon
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Sent: 11.00 AM - mon 16 jul 2001

Has anyone heard if they have an ebook version of Catcher available yet?
I would love an electronic copy to read on my Palm Pilot.

Name: Bernie
Sent: 7.02 AM - mon 16 jul 2001


Name: Martin Caulfield
Sent: 1.35 AM - thu 28 jun 2001

Where can I find the unpublished stories of JD? Aka New Yorker stories such as "An Ocean Full of Bowling Balls", etc. Does anyone have photocopies? I just really want to read them. Thanks.

- Martin

Name: Tobias Welzel
Hometown: Salzbergen
nearly 18
Sent: 1.48 PM - wed 27 jun 2001

Hi Mr Wahlbrinck
You have a very nice side but i`m a little bit dissapointed because i can`t open Bernies`satire dept.
cu in our English lessons
your pupil
Tobias Welzel

Name: Rainer Fliege
Hometown: 90763 Fürth
Sent: 5.17 PM - wed 20 jun 2001

Thanks a lot for all the information and fun! Would you be interested of some rather boring but "self-made" TAfelbilder and Unterrichtseinheit on the novel? I am reading it in class 10. They wanted to. Isn't it amazing that the kids of today still love that book, as far as they understand it. I think it's a bit too hard for my pupils but they keep on reading.

Sent: 2.52 PM - tue 19 jun 2001

Catcher in the rye sucks

Name: will hochman
Sent: 1.10 AM - tue 19 jun 2001

I used this page to brush up for a BBC interview tomorrow...(if I'm bad, it's your fault! ;) seriously, thanks, will

Name: Julia
Hometown: Berlin
born 1982
Sent: 6.27 AM - mon 18 jun 2001

I just used your website to prepare for an essay i'll have to write today about a related matter with referrence to "The Catcher in the Rye". I hope it will help me a little, 'cause we didn't deal with the book itself in the sessions of my extanded english course...
I think you did a good job by doing this site... I hope to find some more information about the author one day on your website, 'cause a little background about J. D. Salinger would be great (althought he would not like us to know something about him).
bye, Julia

Name: Shepard
Sent: 12.14 AM - thu 14 jun 2001

I am a fool. Ignore me.

Name: Shepard
Sent: 4.08 AM - wed 13 jun 2001

I personally think this is the best Catcher website on the web. But I do agree that the summary is a bit mixed up. I think that's just because it's coming in from a lot of view points.

Sent: 2.42 AM - mon 11 jun 2001

Name: Jezze
Hometown: Richmond Hill
Sent: 6.39 PM - sun 10 jun 2001

Just a thought...

Did u ever read the novel Catcher in the Rye?
Your novel summary there, is completely half-assed backwards.

Excuse my language, but seriously what are u talking about?

Overall this is the most pathetic web site i've seen so far on Catcher in the Rye, the information is totally inaccurate!

Name: Shepard
Sent: 3.16 AM - sat 9 jun 2001

Well, we can all agree with that. School sucks.

Name: terence lucas
Sent: 9.47 AM - fri 8 jun 2001

45 and i still hate high skool

Name: Yasmary
Hometown: St. Catharines / Canada
Sent: 12.06 AM - tue 5 jun 2001

I was just reading some interesting stuff about The Catcher in the Rye in your website. You actually surprised me with some things. I am reading the novel this year and now I'm in the final project. I am doing a map of everything that Holden discovers in his adventure. Your website help me a lot.

Name: Shepard
Sent: 5.19 AM - mon 4 jun 2001

God, I never get tired of how the interesting people and the psychos mix on this site. I wonder if it's just the internet or in fact the novel that attracts them. And no, I'm not commenting on the people that posted immeadiately below me.

Name: Kristy (from below)
Sent: 12.32 AM - mon 4 jun 2001

I found myself talking like Holden after I finished the book too : )

Name: Kristy
Hometown: Chicago
Sent: 12.30 AM - mon 4 jun 2001

I am a huge fan of the book, and I plan to read it a few more times until I can "see" into it. I think you did a great job with this site! I appreciate the time you put into it.

Name: Shepard
Sent: 5.47 AM - sat 2 jun 2001

E-mail to Serena...

Hi, I'm another fan of "The Catcher in the Rye" and I saw your post in a guestbook pertaining to the novel. I've also wondered about where Holden is concentrating his monologue. I'm no big author or anything, but I've always suspected that much of the symbolism in art is incidental. Picasso said as much about his paintings. I believe the point of view can accomodate any audience...from a psychoanalyst, to his brother (with whom he has dinner with to end the novel), and finally the reader.

Another thing I've often thought about is the connection between Allie's baseball glove and the field of rye and lost children. I've seen the link illustrated in many covers to the novel. To be honest, when I first read the book I thought it might have something to do with baseball, owing to the mistaken take on the Robert Browning poem.

Name: Elvia ALVEREZ
Hometown: Healdsburg, ca
Sent: 5.04 PM - tue 29 may 2001

You rock my world. I can relate to the whore in the novel quite well

Name: Serena
Hometown: U.S.A
Sent: 5.47 AM - tue 29 may 2001

sorry! correction: in the sense that holden does not just gesture toward his grey hair is another factor that adds emphasis to his voice when proving his point without being able to see his audience and vise versa. the doesn't necessarily mean that he's writing the story down, but he's just speaking without actually seeing his listeners. his form of communication is still up in the air. once again, please let me know what you think. thank you!

Name: Serena
Hometown: Daly City, California
Sent: 5.39 AM - tue 29 may 2001

hey there! i think this site is the best out there regarding, what of course is, my favorite book. for some strange reason my link to your e-mail does not work, so this is my only form of communication. my question pertains to part 7: Holden's Language. it is argued that he speaks to the listeners, but then it is counter-argued that he is not speaking out loud. overall the questions are to whom is he speaking to and how is he speaking to them? someone mentioned he's writing a jounal and i think that it's possible. is it possible that he's talking to his psychoanalyst? do you believe that there is a precise answer? in he sense that holden does not just gesture toward his grey hair is another factor that adds to his emphasis of proving his point without being able to see his audience and vise versa. please let me know what you think, and whether this makes sense to you. i'm interested in what you think. Thanks! Keep up the awesome job!

Name: jose benito
Hometown: Sevilla(Spain)
Sent: 12.04 AM - fri 25 may 2001

Don´t ever tell anybody anything.If you do,you start missing everybody.Today I´ve finished reading"The Catcher"for second time in English version.I read it in Spanish when I was 16years old(I´m now 42).I bought"The American/Version"(A Bantam Book)7 years ago in New York at a second hand book Shop.I have been reading it again ´couse I didn´t remenber vere well about the time/days in it-I´m from Spain(sevilla)and I´ve been studying English for 7 years and I think this´s the kind of book you have to read it in its own"language"(Tradutore Traditore)By the way,the web just wonderful.

Name: Katherine
Hometown: charleston
Sent: 5.06 PM - thu 24 may 2001

this is my favorite book (this and the great gatsby) but i did not fully understand the ending. could you email me and kind of explain it to me?

Name: Brittany
Hometown: Lincoln, CA
Sent: 5.32 AM - tue 22 may 2001

This book is so different from others... it's great! Holden seems so realistic and the book is like his daily journal. He's expressive of his feelings and is very detailed. It was depressing as heck, but there are so many people like him. It's cool there's a site for him. Thanx! Britt

Name: Sean
Hometown: Ambler, PA
Sent: 7.58 PM - mon 21 may 2001

Hey your site is has neat links and ideas connected to the book....thanks for it all!!!

Name: Melody
Sent: 6.13 PM - thu 17 may 2001

yeah this site SUCKS. It's completely inaccurate in so many ways. Get a hobby!

Name: holden wannabe
Hometown: cornwall
Sent: 12.41 AM - wed 16 may 2001

i liked this book i really did,it reminds me off a friend you would really like him if you ever meet him you really would,he could really dance, he really could some guys cant dance very well but he could, if you saw him you would really like him.well i guess i could go on and tell you about the other parts off the book that I liked but i really dont feel like it i really dont.i could tell you how much this booked sucked and how bad i wanted to shot myself after reading this book but im not going to,im really not.

Name: Jevon
Sent: 11.40 PM - sun 13 may 2001

I wouldn't say he was a phony, And I also see why he doesn't except it as you say he should, Holden was smarted than you make him. I just feel he was smart enough to realize how much everything sucks, but he sort of does except it, he doesnt try to change it, but he doesn't do anything to help it

Name: Nabeel
Sent: 6.17 PM - sun 13 may 2001

Holden Caulfield is a phony. His failure to achieve the expectations of society leaves an ill-impression with the reader of him. Why doesn't he accept our cliche and materialistic society like the rest of us? Throughout the book I kept on thinking about what a snob this kid was and how kids elsewhere in the world can only dream to experience the luxuries he did. His perceptions of people and life in general are so confined to the specific environment in which he lives. Everyone feels like they don't fit in. I hope he wasn't complaining because all of society will not change to suit Holden Caulfield, that bastard.

Name: Nadia
Hometown: The Hague, The Netherlands.
Sent: 10.49 PM - mon 7 may 2001

I started reading CR just a few days ago. Smart as I am I told my mother-in-law about that. She told me she had found the book interesting but cruel because of the murder. Now is she just going nuts, talking about another book or telling it like it is?
Ofcourse when I finished the book a few minutes ago it left me quite puzzled. What ever happened to that poor fella? Cruisin' the website didn't really answer that question so I'm quite curious what other people's opinions are. Anyhows, Great website. Loved it. Keep up the really good work. Love, Nadia.

Name: norbert lauxtermann
Homepage: http://49565%20bramsche,%20wallstraße%2018/
Hometown: bramsche-gartenstadt
schon älter
Sent: 9.31 PM - sat 5 may 2001

hallo bernd,
ich finde deine seite toll

norbert , die bombe

Name: R Santos J
Homepage: http://sooni'llbuildaphonydamnhomepageofmyown/goddampage
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Sent: 4.02 PM - fri 4 may 2001

I just finished a few minutes ago reading the goddam book. At first, I don't know how I could relate with goddam holden mainly because he flunked and all, and I, for one, is a goddam valedictorian of our class. But then, afterwards, I had this feeling or actually, I am imagining me as Holden as the story progresses... hehehe... well all I can say is this is a fantastic site and not a single phony sentence in it. Right now, I don't know what are the "good books" so please e-mail me on what u suggest is a worthwhile unphony goddam book to read.

Name: Fred Durst
Hometown: Jacksonville
Sent: 3.58 PM - wed 2 may 2001

After reviewing this page, I came to the conclusion that this page is fake, and after me and the band had a sitution with Flash McStash, I will no longer be on this site. Thank for your time. Fred.

Name: Flash McStash
Sent: 7.19 PM - tue 1 may 2001

flash digs you

Name: Linda Hunt
Hometown: Indianola, Iowa
Sent: 7.09 PM - tue 1 may 2001

This is a wonderful site and a great teaching tool for my classes.

Name: Graham Norton
Hometown: LONDON
Sent: 3.59 PM - sun 29 apr 2001


Name: G. Norton
Hometown: London
Sent: 3.56 PM - sun 29 apr 2001

You have yet to answer my questions with regards to the John Lennon assasination,
so could you hurry the fuck up because i am growing increasingly impatient.

Name: Graham Norton
Hometown: LONDON
Sent: 3.51 PM - sun 29 apr 2001


Name: Philipp Hüveler
Hometown: Salzbergen, near Rheine, near Münster---->ÌN GERMANY, PS:That´s in Europe
Sent: 10.06 AM - sun 29 apr 2001

We read the book in our English Leistungskurs(you know, one of the subjects i´ll do my A-levels in).Our teacher, Mrs Mangelmanns said we should take a look on this page to prepare for our A-levels.Now I really have to say this page is quite interesting and informative.The book is one of the best books I ever read......But one thing:In the satiric(?) comic "The Simpsons" are several links to Catcher! I hope you can read AND understand my english, because I do not speak english very well...PH


Name: Joe Blair
15 (I am a loser)
Sent: 4.39 PM - mon 23 apr 2001

Hello my name is Joe Blair i am a loser and i am the ugliest kid you will ever meet

BYE! E mail me because i have no friends!

Name: Emily
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Hometown: http;//
Sent: 4.38 PM - mon 23 apr 2001

Hey Catcher in the Rye is the BEST book EVER! I am in school right now so i got to go before i get in trouble bye guys call me I'm Emily!

Name: Emily
Homepage: http;//
Hometown: http;//
Sent: 4.35 PM - mon 23 apr 2001

Hey Catcher in the Rye is the BEST book EVER! I am in school right now so i got to go before i get in trouble bye guys call me I'm Emily!

Name: Alexandra
Sent: 10.20 PM - sun 22 apr 2001

oh sorry, of course its "young" not "ypung" !
and as i've read a bit more on this site by now, i gotta add: nah dont make a movie...nobody....never. but in my mind, Holden looks like Billie Joe Armstrong in the "basket case" video.

Name: Alexandra
Hometown: london, soon
Sent: 9.55 PM - sun 22 apr 2001

hm, everything i wanted to say has already been said somehow! i love the book, it will be my favourite novel forever...Holden is great, he never says he's intelligent or something...he's so real, and although he likes to play tricks on ppl or lie to them, he's the most honest person i can imagine. he's ypung, but he sees the world as it is, with all its sick and sad things. i dont think that anybody couldnt imagine the way he feels - the way he thinks is so fascinating and interesting. since i read CR i've wanted to be just like him. and im glad i am - in a way.
oh the book is so great and so is this site....helped me a lot to get my thoughts sorted. PS: the summary idea is CLASS... and so holden-like. and i did pretty well in the quiz. anyone who feels like i do: just e-mail me....seeya all

Name: Gemma
Hometown: Los Angeles
Sent: 8.00 AM - sun 22 apr 2001

I think The Catcher in the Rye is the best book i've ever read in my life. It really describes what a teenager who HATES school feels like, and not only that its a great book which gives an insight to some of the things, and psychological disturbances some teenagers go through. I feel i can relate to Holden 100%. i think parents should read this book,its not like other books that use metaphors, and all that literary kind of crap. oh, people who say this book mentally disturbs people are fucking stupid. you pretty much have to be a very weak minded, motherfucker to actually do that. The Catcher in the Rye is a GREAT book, and i love it, and i love holden, and hate phonies. bye take care.

Name: Adam Mazzolini
Hometown: Cleveland, TN
Sent: 5.15 AM - thu 19 apr 2001

As a teacher, I have really enjoyed some of the resources that that I have found on your site. Thank you for your work.

Name: Graham Norton
Hometown: London
Sent: 12.23 AM - thu 19 apr 2001

I have recently discovered that a number of high profile assasinations have being triggered by the reading of the book to which this fantastic website is dedicated too.As a massive nirvana fan,is it true
that Kurt Cobain`s suicide was in some way connected to the metaphors which creep up throughout the novel? And as a professional paranormal investigator is there any plausable reason for the book to be linked to the M.K. Ultra program conducted by the U.S. government and which was so infamously covered up the F.B.I?????

Name: Yoko Ono
Hometown: New York
Sent: 12.07 AM - thu 19 apr 2001

i would just like to say, i think the author of the novel was a fucking lunatic and i blame him for the death of my beloved Johnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Name: Elena
Sent: 7.41 PM - mon 16 apr 2001

this book took me by surprise, I really thought it was different (you know... Chapman decided to kill Lennon) I have to send I really enjoy it, it explores that side of yours you most of the time take for granted.Gotta luv that Holden for Crissake!!!

Name: Mike Rouch
Hometown: bonerville
Sent: 7.25 PM - wed 11 apr 2001


Name: Harry Bucsh
Hometown: copenhagen
Sent: 7.22 PM - wed 11 apr 2001

Thank alot of the site. IT gave me somthing too do

Name: Dick Gosinya
Hometown: Hooterville
Sent: 7.09 PM - wed 11 apr 2001

This was a very helpfull site to have to reolize the story behnd the book. I thank you for your in depth site on this great book!

Name: Valarie
Hometown: Cincinnati Ohio USA
Sent: 1.26 PM - wed 11 apr 2001

you site is very helpful for the past and upcoming tests I will have in my English class. Thank You so MUCH

Name: Becky
Hometown: Beijing, China
Sent: 2.04 AM - wed 11 apr 2001

the quiz is amazing!
i got 13 right, out of the 23 cute questions.

Name: Micah Taylor
Hometown: Laffeyette Indiana U.S.A
Sent: 5.33 PM - mon 9 apr 2001

I am a senior at McCutcheon High school. The Catcher In The Rye, is a required book in my Novels class. Your site was very helpful in a project we had to do. The teacher has us in the computer lab. She told us to go onto your site because it was the site on The Catcher in the Rye.

Name: shea draken
Sent: 4.42 AM - mon 9 apr 2001

i havent checked out the whole site yet but i love catcher in the rye and have read it about a million times over(i luv holden caulfield!!!!!!!!)well im gonna go check out the site so ttfn

Name: Tim Hain
Hometown: Brockville, Ontario, Canada
Sent: 2.38 AM - mon 9 apr 2001

I really enjoyed the section on the issues that came out of translating Catcher in the Rye to other languages.
When I read the book, I got the impression that Holden Caulfield was an idealist. He sees all that is good in Allie and Phoebe, but when something in his life fails to live up to his ideal, he gets depressed. I am interested to know if anyone else found this to be true. It has been two years since I had to read CITR for my grade 12 English class, but it remains my favourite fictional work to read and study.

Name: Nina
Hometown: Vienna, Austria
Sent: 1.09 PM - sat 7 apr 2001

I think it's a splendid idea to create such a website. I really love this book with all the details etc. But actually I'm the only one of my friends, who thinks that way. So it's very interesting to read other opinions and train of thoughts of different people, who could read this book over and over again!!!
thanx a lot for this page!

P.s.: the URL of "the little Shirley Beans" record doesn't excist anymore. But I try to find a version by myself. In the case I'm lucky, you'll get to hear it! :-)

Name: Jackie
Hometown: Texas
Sent: 2.41 AM - sat 7 apr 2001

I just finished reading the book. Your web page is Great!!!! Thanks!!!!!!!!

Name: Phil Kenyon
Hometown: Bolton, UK
Sent: 12.40 AM - sat 7 apr 2001

Fantastic book, great characters and this site is cool too!

Name: JD Salinger
Sent: 11.21 PM - thu 5 apr 2001

Hey people, guess what??? A new catcher cover is out! Well, at least in paperback! It's the one with the horse like you get when you buy the hardcover with the jacket. Get it while it's in the first edition!! Run to your bookstores!! $13.95 American, and $19.95 Canadian. hheeeheh. Soo happy! And there's new covers for Franny and Zooey, Nine Stories and Raise High as well. Just thought you'd like to know.

Name: Theresa
Hometown: Littleton
Sent: 8.25 AM - fri 30 mar 2001

I just finished Catcher in the Rye, and found it basically as interesting and hard to put down as everyone else seems to. While browsing through your website I never found any reference to the possible effects the death of Holdens brother Allie had upon Holden. Being a teenager myself, it seems Holden has similiar feelings to those I feel quite often, but is also lacking something. I wonder if it's possible that part of his separation from society comes from the death of this loved one. If he had a connection to Allie like he does to Pheobe (which I assume he did, from the way he talks about Allie), his death would have hit Holden in a tremendous way.

Name: Liane
Hometown: Münster
Sent: 11.32 AM - wed 28 mar 2001

Hallo! Wollte nur mal sagen, dass ich die Seite seeehhhhr gut finde :) Hab gerade meine Facharbeit über CR fertig gestellt und deine Seite war 'ne große Hilfe!

Name: Jeannette
Hometown: Orange County, California
Sent: 7.36 AM - mon 26 mar 2001

I was assigned to read CR in class, and didn't expect much really. But as soon as I saw how Holden expressed his true feelings toward his surroundings, I was blown away, I thought finally something i can stay up with and read without wanting to stop. After reading this book i had soo many questions i'd ask myself and wanted to discuss with others but ofcourse there's no one like that in High School. That actually wants to talk about a book and try to figure out the insightful meanings in each chapter. So i logged on, and have visited your site for answers. Thanks a lot for entertaining me and being so well organized and answering some of my questions. I feel we all have a little bit of Holden in us. I just wish i could find out what happend to him.

Name: Jeannette
Hometown: Orange County, California
Sent: 7.35 AM - mon 26 mar 2001

I was assigned to read CR in class, and didn't expect much really. But as soon as I saw how Holden expressed his true feelings toward his surroundings, I was blown away, I thought finally something i can stay up with and read without wanting to stop. After reading this book i had soo many questions i'd ask myself and wanted to discuss with others but ofcourse there's no one like that in High School. That actually wants to talk about a book and try to figure out the insightful meanings in each chapter. So i logged on, and have visited your site for answers. Thanks a lot for entertaining me and being so well organized and answering some of my questions. I feel we all have a little bit of Holden in us. I just wish i could find out what happend to him.

Name: Holden
Hometown: toronto
Sent: 7.54 AM - tue 20 mar 2001

Me, like veryone goes through that crazy period (early to late teens) where everyone seems to be against you and no one understands you, correct? OF COURSE. This book was like the best tasting beer to an helped and touched me as I'm sure it did millions of others. Its comforting to sit in yer grade 11 english class reading away at the CR and think wow, it's amazing how much Holden and I have in common! I don't feel ALONE anymore. Aside from all that conspiracy shit, this book is a saviour to many, I know it was to me. it made me feel good to know someone was having an identity crisis as well, that somebody was also feeling incredibly alone in the world too. It, as much as this is gonna sound cheesy, healed some of the gaping emotional wounds I had. I would be a best friend to Holden.

J Dawg>toronto...CANADA

Name: Jut Lafferty
Hometown: Glen Rogers, WV
Sent: 5.02 AM - tue 13 mar 2001

I have to give u credit for this site, because i to love Cather in the Rye. It was the first of his books i ever read, and it's a great coming of age story, and it has characters that you can really relate no matter what period of your life you happen to be in.

Name: Lange
Hometown: Weimar
Sent: 12.46 PM - sun 11 mar 2001

Hi! Also, ich bin sicher, dass ich hier auch auf Deutsch reinschreiben darf...
Ich finde die Seite echt klasse.. besonders das alle Liedtexte auf einem Haufen waren, hat mir ne`Menge Zeit erspart. Ich bin schon seit langer Zeit der Meinung, dass CR mehr als nur ein einfaches Buch ist...

Name: Rebecca FArrar
Hometown: carrollton TX
Sent: 9.56 PM - fri 9 mar 2001

Wow, I really enjoy this page. The only thing I think that could be improved is noting Salinger's (and Holden's) emphasis on non conformity. Kudos to such an extraordinary wepage that helps people to understand further aspects of the book, rather than just enjoying the story and forgetting about it. I really enjoyed reading about each character that influences Holden. When I started looking at the site, I skipped over the summary and when I got to the bottom, I thought the joke was hilarous! I was able to point out the summary's inaccuacies, and had a great time doing it! Thats a great idea to teach students not to copy work or cheat out of it. That would, of course, be phony!

Name: Sally Lee
Hometown: Shanghai, China
Sent: 1.35 PM - fri 9 mar 2001

Hi, I'm a Chinese girl, well I've read the CR in Chinese, and I think the book's great! But do you know how can I find the entire English one from the internet? By the way, did you put a whole English CR on your site?

Name: Amanda
Hometown: Williamsburg, Indiana
Sent: 4.09 AM - tue 6 mar 2001

This is the most extensive CR site I've ever been to! I applaud you on your insites and thoroughness. It's very interesting, and refuses to bore! BRAVO!! (and I'm not just horsing around either)

Name: Grethe Oyna
Sent: 6.00 PM - mon 5 mar 2001

I am working with TCITR at school now, and found a lot of interesting thoughts on your site.
I'm sorry to say it, but there are some mistakes in your summary... Perhaps you should look at it again! Holden does not like the son of the woman at the train, he calls him a bastard actually! And the mothres name is Mrs Morrow, not Yester. There are more mistakes in your summary too, I gave you one example. It almost seems like you've read another book!!!

Read through your summary, and compare it with the book again... when you have such a good site, the summary should be good too. You could check out a good summary at

Hope you're not hurt!
;) Grethe

Name: Shepard Smith
Sent: 2.48 AM - sun 4 mar 2001

I always enjoy reading this guestbook. Even with the illiterate profanity thats spouted so freely its a fun read.

One comment that I thought I'd leave is a note on the similarity between Holden Caulfield and Arthur Rimbaud. I wont remark to in depth on the subject since Im sure no one ever reads any other message save their own.

Name: Katy
Hometown: west palm beach. FL
Sent: 6.46 AM - sat 3 mar 2001

I found The Catcher in the Rye to be a brilliant novel. It kept me entertained from beginning to end. Holden Caulfield is the most intriguing charchter i have ever read. He has made me see things in a different light. I think that everyone should read this book atleast once.

Name: Stephanie
Sent: 2.07 PM - thu 1 mar 2001

Thanks for the helpful site. I am doing a paper for The Catcher in the Rye. This was great! Thanks again!:)

Name: Rebecca Ratliff
Hometown: Sherman Tx
Sent: 2.47 AM - thu 1 mar 2001

I just finished CR & of course I have million questions
that will never be answered. Mostly about the poem that
gave birth to this book.

Name: German Phonies
together 31
Sent: 8.42 AM - tue 27 feb 2001

hi! we had to read the novel in school and it was really terrible. i never read a worse book like this. Holden is a very boring and mentally ill character. Why can`t he be like a normal teenager? I don`t know anybody who`s so stupid. Is Mr. Salinger a so stupid guy, too? We didn`t like that book and we think, everybody else in this guetbook is victim of hypocrisy and corruption. That`s it. Bye, the german "Phonies"...

Name: Suzanne Morine
Hometown: Denver, CO
Sent: 4.12 PM - mon 26 feb 2001

Thanks for promoting my Catcher art contest -- and so nicely! I hope lots of people get creative!

Name: Some phony
Hometown: not telling
Sent: 3.15 AM - mon 26 feb 2001

The summary is a joke, right?

Name: Jillian
Hometown: AOL
Sent: 1.31 AM - mon 26 feb 2001

Your website is excellent; it's a truly informational and entertaining view of Catcher in the Rye! I myself am a Holden Caulfield fanatic since reading Salinger's novel. You deserve a pat on the back and a kiss on the cheek for this site! Thanks again, Jillian

Name: John Murphy
Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Sent: 1.17 AM - thu 22 feb 2001

I read CR for the first time this year for my junior English class and I came here for help for my research paper on the esteemed Mr. Salinger. This is the best site on Salinger/ CR that I have been to. Thanks for the info and, oh, just for the record, I only missed two on the quiz.

Name: jessica seibt
Hometown: bebra
Sent: 7.30 PM - wed 21 feb 2001

Hey!I want to thank u. I had to read the book in school and i had no idea how i can work with it. but on this page i found enough of interest stuff. so i hope i'll write a good test about the book. greetings chessy

Name: Jamey Cezeaux
Hometown: San Antonio
Sent: 4.45 AM - wed 21 feb 2001

this is a great site. i really love the way you're helping it to stay young and preserved through relating it to songs.

Name: Lillian Simmons
Hometown: NY
Sent: 3.22 AM - fri 16 feb 2001

Oh my! Look how handsome you've made this page! Isn't it handsome, darling? And how is that big brother of a webpage of yours? Still in Hollywood? How marvelous!

Btw, if anyone sees DB tell him I hate him. :)

Name: Lisa
Hometown: Oregon
Sent: 3.08 AM - fri 16 feb 2001

We're reading Catcher in the Rye in our 8th grade English class. We had to work at it for a while to get permission to read it. and i'm really glad we did because i really like this book. It's probably the best book i've ever read!

Name: Paul
Hometown: Fremont
22--as Holden would say!
Sent: 12.48 AM - fri 16 feb 2001

This book kicks ass! It is only fitting to make a website for it. If I can ever get permission from Salinger, I'm gonna make a movie out of it! And a good one, not phony...

Name: Jack
Hometown: Oxford, NC
Sent: 1.58 PM - thu 15 feb 2001

Hey, great website, I really enjoyed your comments and thought you covered almost every aspect of Salinger. I'll write again when I complete my paper for class.

Name: Holden Caulfield
Hometown: New York, New York
Sent: 8.43 AM - sun 11 feb 2001

Hello. You don't know me, but you might remember me. I lived on 3 East Seventy First Street, 12th Floor. No kidding. It's good to talk to people again, since I seldom don't out here in Colorado. I'm really very nervous, but can you tell with the Internet and all? The truth is, you can't. I gotta go. Boy, a very approximate site ya got here.

Name: Julie
Hometown: Glasgow
Sent: 3.17 AM - sun 11 feb 2001

there's jam all over my keyboard so some letters stick but just had to write to say i enjoyed the site, 2 things 1- don't think phoebe's cute at all; too clever & acerbic for that (think of a young darlene from roseanne) and 2 - think D.B was thinking of holden when he spoke about the little boy in The Secret Goldfish. P.S just for the record, it was my English teacher who introduced me to holden and we were the only 2 in the whole class who liked him.

Name: Kevin
Hometown: San Francisco
Sent: 11.51 PM - sat 10 feb 2001

I've really enjoyed your website. The internal aspects of The Catcher in the Rye were most enligtening. I've thought about some of the ideas you've mentioned, but never solidly put them into words. Thanks for that.

This book has changed my whole perspective on life.

Name: David O'Gorman
Hometown: Fredrikstad, Norway
That's my business
Sent: 12.41 PM - fri 9 feb 2001

You have a good site. As a lifelong Catcherphile I appreciate the views and background material it contains. Do you know any book which is more provocative?

Name: Carol Brody
Hometown: Chicago
Sent: 11.36 PM - thu 8 feb 2001

Name: Anna
Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Sent: 9.45 PM - wed 7 feb 2001

I discovered "Catcher in the Rye" when I was bored and stuck in my house... my sister had it on her bookshelf, and for some reason I'd never noticed it before... it was small and beat up. But i've read it I don't know how many times now, and I still cry every time. I love Holden. I want to meet him. I wish he was my best friend or something. And for a while, I wanted to see a movie of it, but then I realized that that would entirely spoil it -- it would take away how I see Holden, and Jane, and Phoebe and all the others. And Holden wouldn't like it, either. Too phony.
Also -- is it just me who gets sick of people calling Phoebe "cute"? that seems a little too sickly-sweet for Phoebe. I don't think she'd like it either.
But anyway -- excellent site! And I noticed Dead Poet's Society on your list of favorite movies. That's my absolute favorite movie, and maybe this makes no sense, but it kind of reminds me of Catcher in the Rye...

Name: Stephanie Laing
Hometown: New Zealand
Sent: 9.01 AM - wed 7 feb 2001

I think your site is excellent! I have just started my final year at high school and have been given "The Catcher in the Rye" to read and study, I am finding the book confusing but amazing in it's own unique way. If anyone thinks they can give me a hand with my studies and essay writing on the book, feel free to e-mail me! Keep up the good work on the site!!!!

Name: jezebel
Sent: 5.26 AM - wed 7 feb 2001

okay like yer page is useful but oh my god, its like so un-organized and everything is so scattered. u should work on that cuz yea..its very confusing.

Name: Luke Richardson
Hometown: Dursley, England
Sent: 5.42 PM - sun 4 feb 2001

just a note to say that your website is fantastic. I have read Catcher about 25 times, and your website did it proud. Well Done!

P.s. All the people who have signed the the guest book just to say Catcher is rubbish because they were forced to read it, Please grow Up.

Name: Coninie Geradi
Sent: 10.03 PM - thu 1 feb 2001

Love your webpage. Happy to see that some one loves this book as much as I do. You did a good job.

Name: John Follis
Hometown: Out in the middle of Arizona
Sent: 2.59 AM - wed 31 jan 2001

I want to see if I could find this book on the Internet or if someone has it on microsoft reader or anything. It's checked out of my library.
Thank you,

Name: Timothy Coe
Homepage: http://<none>/
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Sent: 12.57 AM - wed 31 jan 2001

Very nice discussion. I'd like to see more on the symbolism (the Indians in the museum, J. Castle killing himself & teeth getting knocked out while Holden is brushing his teeth, etc.) but it was very good anyway. BTW, those might have been here anyway, but I'm too lazy to really look..... Thanks!

Name: Elizabeth Cooper
Sent: 10.04 PM - tue 30 jan 2001

Your website is absolutely wonderful! I've always wondered about a lot of the information you put on the site and it's so fun to read what other people thought about the book.

Sent: 5.45 AM - mon 29 jan 2001


Name: Kristen
Sent: 12.57 AM - thu 25 jan 2001

Your site was pretty helpful, but the only problem i had was that the summary was somewhat false. holden doesnt get sick from eating spaghetti and his sister phoebe doesnt drop the contents of her suitcase, and holden doesnt get in trouble for writing in obscene language, and he doesnt go to california to write scripts with his brother either...i'm only mentioning this because some poor person will probably read it and think that that is what the book is really like.

Name: clem
Hometown: Paris france
Sent: 6.18 PM - wed 24 jan 2001

hi your site is very well composed and you have made a good job !But i have a problem i have to do an english work on the theme of death in the Catcher in the rye :i am lost do you think you could help me (it's very urgent !!!)thanks a lot

Name: Jennifer
Sent: 12.01 AM - wed 24 jan 2001

I just want to mention that as an english student i did read the book Catcher in the Rye and when i found that 'SUMMARY' i thought it would be good on my study sheet for my midterm exam...while reading the print out i made i started noticing the answers and laughing away thinking how dumb must this kid be...i planned on giving a copy to my English teacher untill i read that it was fake. Good looking out for slackers!!!

Name: Helen D
Hometown: winnipeg man.
40 something
Sent: 3.05 AM - fri 19 jan 2001

Hi there well at first i did not like the book, but as I had to do a 500 essay. I found it more interesting. This site was so great to find. I found some addtional help. Thanks guys You know what I like it now.

Name: timtian
Hometown: Xinxiang,China
Sent: 8.50 AM - wed 17 jan 2001

i just love the book like a madman, for one thing i just love it for its colloqial language and slangs, for another i will write my MA dissertation i am greatly in need of your and other CR lovers' help in guidance and in accessing the CR critisms.thank u all for your ready help anyway!! email me at

Sent: 1.17 AM - wed 17 jan 2001

i read CR for my ISU in english lit. , and at first i thought it was the most boring, pointless book i've ever read. but now i see the reason why, Holden and i are just to much alike. i don't think that the book totally changed my life, but i think that Holden is a pretty smart kid.

Name: Bernd Wahlbrinck
Homepage: http://this%20homepage/
Sent: 3.50 PM - tue 16 jan 2001

To Lynsey (preceding entry in this guestbook)
In case you bump into this guestbook again:
I'd be very interested in your comparison of CR with Trainspotting. Please email me about this.
Thanks a lot
Bernd Wahlbrinck
(owner of this website)

Name: Lynsey
Hometown: Walsall (England)
Sent: 7.05 PM - mon 15 jan 2001

This site was of great help with the wrieing of an essay i am doing for A-level. I am comparing Catcher with Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh. Thanks for making a great web page.

Name: sxythng
Sent: 1.55 PM - mon 15 jan 2001

i love catcher in the rye.

Name: Apryl
Hometown: Black River Falls
Sent: 11.17 AM - sat 13 jan 2001

Ho-ly cow. I found your "summary" of the internal workings, or whatever you called it of the novel to be VERY INACCURATE. So inaccurate that I think you should reread before placing statements that others may read on your web site before reading the book.

First of all, he never tried to steal the basket from the nuns, he did not like the son of the woman he talked to on the train, and he didn't particularly like his pimply neighbor Ackley, who touched everything in his room. There was no argument with the girls from Washington state about the statue of liberty...
Sally never agreed to go to Vermont with him. He left Antolinis because he woke up to find Mr. Antolini patting his head and thought he was flitty, not due to spaghetti, he only drank coffee there. He never wrote on the wall, he was wiping "f*ck you" off the wall, his message at the school WAS delivered to his sister, no one ever called the police. Phoebe never spilled her suitcase and he didn't go on a bus to see his brother D.B. he simply went home. Did you READ this book? you are doing a terrible disservice to J.D. Salinger, readers of this book, and mostly those who have not read it. I implore you to make corrections.

Name: Becky
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Sent: 8.51 AM - sat 13 jan 2001

i have a book at hand, named "the catcher in the rye--innocence under pressure", written by Sanford Pinsker, twayne publishers. maybe it will be helpful to the ones who like to do any research on the character analysis of CR. i strongly introduce this book to you. and Mr. wahlbrinck could also use this to enrich your website.

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Name: Yosemite Bill
Sent: 5.40 PM - fri 12 jan 2001

Man, I just love this book

Name: Paul
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Sent: 10.36 PM - tue 9 jan 2001

Amazing Site

Name: Kat
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Sent: 5.41 PM - tue 9 jan 2001

I just finished reading CITR last night, my first time. I cried, it was so beautiful because felt I could relate to Holden so well.
Great site, I'm really happy there is such a following to this masterpiece.