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Name: Sine
Hometown: Dornoch,Scotland
Sent: 5.56 - sun 31 dec 2000
I'd just like to reply to the comment made by John Goodmen below where he states that young kids (which is a name that I HATE) don't know good books. Well excuse me Mr goodmen but I think that those critics and regulaters that banned the book were not "kids" but the kind of people I can only presume that you deem worthy and literate; Grown ups. That was one huge, and false, generalisation you made and I think it was highly unfair. It's people like you who convince others that all teenagers want to do is steal, have sex and take drugs. Sure some people have written stupid stuff here but not every little girl plays with dolls, not every man in Scotland wears a kilt every day and not every person over the age of 30 knows best.

Name: Mike Holmes
Sent: 9.55 - mon 18 dec 2000
It seems funny that people find Holden a figure rebelling against a screwed up "phony" society. Throughout the novel Holden is conintuously shown to be as phoney as everyone and everything he seems to despise. He embodies what he hates the most and not many readers see this. But I am sure everyone who might read this will probably think I just don't "get it." I think I get it more than most.

Name: Master Bater
Hometown: shit hole, WA
Sent: 8.36 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: smokey
Sent: 8.35 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: smokey
Sent: 8.31 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: smokey
Sent: 8.30 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: macaframalama
Sent: 8.30 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: macaframalama
Sent: 8.27 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: ODOG
Hometown: spokane
Sent: 8.26 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: cedric weehunt
Sent: 8.26 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: John Goodmen
Homepage: http://not%20availible%20at%20this%20time/
Hometown: Georgia Flordia
around 40 yrs. of age
Sent: 7.13 - thu 14 dec 2000
Young kids don't know true books when you see one. I have 101 reasons why this book is the greatest. Your a bunch of numbnuts.

DMX rules no joking!!

Name: tim slapnuts
Sent: 6.13 - thu 14 dec 2000
mr brown from spokane washington in the u.s not germanyis the freatest english teacher ever and he thinks this books stinks too

Name: DAle
Sent: 6.12 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: Gorgey porgey
Hometown: Dairy Queen
24 years of age and still living
Sent: 6.12 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: Bobby Bensooon
Sent: 6.12 - thu 14 dec 2000
I have ants in my pants, and I love it!

Name: sabo
Sent: 6.10 - thu 14 dec 2000

Name: me me and me
Hometown: somewhere out their
20 if possible
Sent: 6.10 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: jake
Sent: 6.09 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: SABO
Sent: 6.09 - thu 14 dec 2000

Name: SABO
Sent: 6.08 - thu 14 dec 2000

Name: Damien Doesmore
Hometown: Spocompton
Sent: 6.07 - thu 14 dec 2000
I love this book I make sweet sweet love to my book

Name: Gease poop
nonna ya bussiness
Sent: 6.07 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: Unknown
Hometown: California
Sent: 6.05 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: SABO
Sent: 6.05 - thu 14 dec 2000

Name: Joan Sparkey
Hometown: somewhere in the city
20 approximently
Sent: 6.05 - thu 14 dec 2000
I think that this book is down right ugly. I would like to get a refund if at all possible

Any Guys wanna e-mail me go ahead
P.S. no I am not a guy

Name: Gail Gaybo
Hometown: San Fransico
Sent: 6.03 - thu 14 dec 2000
I rather be eating cheetos than read this book.
it is smelly

Hometown: Spokane
Sent: 6.03 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: tim slapnuts
Hometown: mexico city
Sent: 6.03 - thu 14 dec 2000
i love this book so much it practically made me sick

Name: SABO
Sent: 6.02 - thu 14 dec 2000

Name: Sabo
Sent: 6.00 - thu 14 dec 2000

Name: Josh
Hometown: Spokane
Sent: 5.58 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: jake
Hometown: spokane
Sent: 5.58 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: gary stone
Hometown: spokane
Sent: 5.57 - thu 14 dec 2000
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Name: Mike
Hometown: Spokane
Sent: 5.57 - thu 14 dec 2000
I was just wondering why this book is the greatest book ever made!!!
It is such an amazing work of art.

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Name: Sabo
Hometown: spokane
Sent: 5.56 - thu 14 dec 2000
Taylor follow directions!

Name: chendoah smith
Hometown: california
Sent: 5.48 - thu 14 dec 2000
please send me information about the book.

Name: taylor
Hometown: spokane
Sent: 5.47 - thu 14 dec 2000
this book sucks

Name: Amelie
Hometown: Lannion, France
Sent: 9.26 - wed 13 dec 2000
I just adore this website, it's very nice. and I must say I daore this summary and I have great fun every time read it or read what people said about it (see this very guestbook!!!)

Name: Kat
Sent: 5.42 - wed 13 dec 2000
I loved your page. It really helped me a lot. I had to write a paper/notecards on Catcher in the Rye and I needed some extra help. You know how when you read a book and you like it so much you just READ it and don't worry about all the symbolism/character sketches/themes/etc? Well that's what happened in this book for me. I liked it so much, I just READ. Thanks for creating such a great web page! Also, I just wanted to say that I love Tom Petty and also I LOVELOVELOVE the dead parrot sketch by Monty Python! It is so hilarious! Thanks again! c ya later!

Sent: 4.37 - tue 12 dec 2000
book is cool when it is a book like a cigarrette

Name: you allsuck
Hometown: n/a
Sent: 4.34 - tue 12 dec 2000
you all gay FAGS!!!!! catcher in the rye sucked, most awful book i have seen or read in my whole one hundred and eleven years its true its true

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Name: devan russell
Hometown: mexico city
Sent: 4.30 - tue 12 dec 2000
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Name: jen perkins
Sent: 12:43 AM - sat 2 dec 2000
i am reading cr for the first time straight thru because i never finished it before. each time i got side tracked and quit. i am reading dream cather as well. your site was the best i've seen and it adds to my amazement of holden. i wish i knew salinger so i could call him up after i am done.

Name: patrick
Sent: 3:18 AM - thu 30 nov 2000

the smoke from his cigarette gets in his eyes and he decides to take a Greyhound bus to California in order to visit his brother D.B. in Hollywood and possibly collaborate with him on writing movie scripts.

1) it was pencey prep, not fencey, but that can just be any grammar mistake. ill let it pass.
2) holden does NOT admire ackley.
3) she knows she sucks at ice skating
4)the thing about him having diahrea from his teachers spaghetti, this has to be a joke. that didnt happen. what happened was mr antolini was sort of stroking holdens head while he splept, naturally, it made holden feel uncomfortable, so he told him he had to go get his bags at the train station. he goes to the train station and sleeps there.
5) he does not write obscene words at the school, he tries to cross them off! hes pissed that someone would write FUCK YOU at a kids school. esp, his sisters school. he goes to the attendence office and writes a note and has them deliver it to his sister, and it tells her to meet him at some diner. in the note he tells her hes going out west to find a job at a ranch, so at the diner, she tells him she wants to go too. he finally realizes how stupid it is. and then he starts telling you about the institution alittle. then it ends.
6)he doesnt go to a greyhound bus. thats another stupid lie.

there are alot more stupid mistakes, but i dont have my book so i didnt want to say what they were because i did not have the real answers ( but i knewe they were wrong...) pretty much, the guy who owns this webpage adn put that shitty summary up there is a dumbass sob who doesnt know shit.

Name: patrick
Sent: 3:01 AM - thu 30 nov 2000
karl, there a numerous mistakes that are obviously put up there to mess with people. there are lots of mistakes. so many i dont even want to post them. but i will.

Name: Karl again
Sent: 1:51 AM - thu 30 nov 2000
after scrolling through the other entries, I noticed several people complaining about the inaccurate summary. I believe the rest of this site's information is all OK. Just read further down that page for an explanation of the "mistakes"

Name: Karl
Hometown: a few miles south of St. Paul, Minnesota
Sent: 1:48 AM - thu 30 nov 2000
Excellent site! You pointed out several themes and symbols I wouldn't have discovered otherwise. That's going to save my butt on my Contemporary Fiction final tomorrow. Thanks!

Name: patrick again
Sent: 1:17 AM - thu 30 nov 2000
basically, everone, the rest of the summary is full of shit too. like when he went ice skating, the girl knew she sucked at it. she didnt think she was a champion. this guys just messing with you.

Name: patrick
Sent: 1:13 AM - thu 30 nov 2000
you dumbass. your summaries wrong, i hope no one looks at it.

"Holden then visits a former teacher of his, Mr Antolini. However, he has to leave rather suddenly because the spaghetti served by Mrs Antolini have a devastating effect on his stomach.

In the morning, suffering from diarrhea and vainly attempting to get a lift from the Holland Tunnel to the West, he tries to meet Phoebe at her school. "

- you dumbass. your a stupid fuck for trying to mess other people up. the real reason why holden left is because he was asleep and the teacher was kind of stroking his head. holden felt uncomfortable and left. this spaghetti shit never happened.

Name: Shepard
Hometown: New York
Sent: 6:07 AM - wed 22 nov 2000
I get a big kick out of these people saying they hate the catcher in the rye. I personally dont even consider it a book anymore. The character is that real to me. I think its the same way with the people who dislike it. They probably take offense at his critizism of acne faced kids. If you read his other stories particulary the ones concerning seemore glass you will find an apology for that. I read the book not as an assignment in school but because I occasionally enjoy reading. I dont know how that became such a tabboo thing to admit to.

Name: Joanna
Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
16, basically
Sent: 6:03 AM - tue 21 nov 2000
This is a wonderful website. I really like the picture of the little lake where Holden use to go and watch the ducks. It's really pretty; I saved the picture. Keep up the good work, this site is great! :)

Name: Jaime Leigh Turney
Hometown: Phoenix,AZ
Sent: 8:58 PM - sun 19 nov 2000
THis site has helped me extremely in my class discussions,THANK YOU.

Name: vicky cocozza
Hometown: buenos aires, argentina
Sent: 7:53 PM - sun 19 nov 2000
i read this book because many people had recommended it to me, especially one literture teacher of english which i admire very much, mr. duff
i have to say i never read a book so fast in my life, i really loved it, one of the best ones i have ever read.



Name: Sioux
Hometown: Durban, South Africa
Sent: 11:44 AM - thu 10 aug 2000
Thanks for the best CR site I could find...I'll let my students know.

Name: Cheryl
Hometown: coventy
Sent: 8:34 PM - mon 7 aug 2000
Thanks for this great site, its the best site i have come across and has helped me enormously with an extremely hard piece of coursework. The catcher in the rye is the best book i have ever read. I just thank god for J.D.Salinger and Holden!!!! Thanks again, i'll recomend this site

Sent: 6:30 PM - thu 3 aug 2000
why not have the whole book online so that visitors could read it, or skip to whatever chapters they want to read

Name: Demented
Hometown: Gunville
I don't age - never have.
Sent: 1:03 PM - thu 3 aug 2000
I loved the book so much - I'm going out to shoot Paul McCartney (just a joke - don't fret Beatles fans)

Name: Jacqui
Hometown: SCOTLAND
Sent: 12:52 PM - thu 3 aug 2000
Great Website - dedicated to my favourite book (Yes, I have a dog called Holden - how sad, I know) Keep up the good work !

Name: Bahar
Sent: 12:42 PM - mon 31 jul 2000
This site is one of my favourites, and it happens to be dedicated to my fave book :) Your site is great; very informative. You've put a lot of work into this, but it pays off I guess, judging from the number of ppl who come here everyday. (And thanks for maintning it, too!) Take care

Name: A. Noecker
Hometown: Lincoln, NE (attending UNL)
Sent: 6:56 AM - mon 24 jul 2000
I'd just finished reading the book (sadly enough, for the first time in my 20 years), and decided to visit this wonderful page. I didn't think it necessary to read the summary, though I did happen to notice the line "...the principal catches him writing obscene words on the school walls..." and nearly disregarded the whole page. Luckily I read on, and I definitely have a bit more insight for Lit class in the morn! Thanks!

Name: Micky D
Hometown: Brighton, UK
Sent: 3:03 PM - tue 18 jul 2000
I love this book for sections which are profound, like for advice, rather than for it's metaphores etc. Like you don't want to sit at a bar and just hate and the kind of fall where you can never hear yourself hit the bottm is the worst kind and so on.

Name: Micky D
Hometown: Brighton, UK
Sent: 2:53 PM - tue 18 jul 2000
learn the patterns of your mind and the size of thoughts that fit it. I'll I'm more content.

Name: Dona
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Sent: 11:23 PM - tue 11 jul 2000
Thank you so much for your web page...I REALLY enjoyed reading it. I read everything there was to read. It helped me a lot to understand a little more about the book. I read the book twice and I got a lot more the second time. I love that book, it's my favorite. I really like it cause I love the way he sees everything, life eventhough he critizises too much but I love it. I was kind of worried cause I thought I had gotten too much into it that I was thinking and saying words he would say. It's amazing how it can take you in his own life and feel you completely understand him. Sometimes I wonder if he would think I am "phony" it's kind of funny. I think that the people that think this book sucks need to open up and try to write a better one,...I bet they can't. Holden C., sometimes I wish he could live and meet him. It's incredible how this book has touched me and and gotten to know myself a little more. It great how it has also touched many people and so many people are in love with it and even wish we were part of it and know personally Holden...that's how you know it's a good book, you get totally in touch with it in a way that you can't even express..thanks for you'a amazing and please keep adding stuff. I have one question though...if you can please the end, Holden is in a hospital or something, but what does he mean when he says something about "telling so many people about IT" what is IT? I don't understand and wish to know...thank you and God bless.....Keep it UP!! you inspire us!!!

Name: Jeff Conroy
Hometown: pittsburgh
Sent: 4:49 PM - mon 10 jul 2000
Great page probably the best i have come across thank you

Name: john
Hometown: in oklahoma somewhere
Sent: 5:25 AM - sat 8 jul 2000
i just finished reading CR, and i took a look at your site. you've done a great job on your website, and the fake summary is a GREAT touch! i'd also like to thank you for your internal and external sections. they cleared up a few things about the book i was havin a hard time understanding. thanks again!

Name: Cathy
Hometown: somewhere in Austria
Sent: 5:42 PM - mon 26 jun 2000
great homepage. The catcher in the rye is the most fascinating book i've read so far. i love holden's language, his view of things and how he's talking 'bout his sister Phoebe. simply amazing

Name: Maggie
Hometown: Peoria, IL
Sent: 11:12 PM - wed 21 jun 2000
This is an great book, I love the part where Phoebe is on the carrousel, it is really nice how he describes her on it. It just makes you wanna cry. I didn't get the symbolism of it completey until i read this webpage, but i still loved that part. Keep smilin :)

Name: Emily
Hometown: Whittier, CA.
Sent: 3:35 AM - mon 19 jun 2000
I enjoyed reading your page, and am amazed at home much time was put into it. How do you find the time and energy?

Name: carl angel
Sent: 4:45 AM - fri 16 jun 2000
nice page. to see me live enter doraditochico as the password!

Name: Marsh
Hometown: Morgan Hill
Sent: 2:30 AM - thu 8 jun 2000
This page that you have put together was really great. I have enjoyed reading Catcher in the Rye very much and doing some out-of-class research was well worth it. The "summury" at the beggining of your page, I did find well amusing. Reading the other gestbook signatures of how "this page sucks" and the summury being a load of "shit" really, Holden put it himself, "Kills me". Reading this book gave a new meaning to my life. I think that everybody should read CR, because it is an accurate dipiction of a teen age mind. Unknown to me, J.D. is alive and well and still writing, but he dosent publish any of his work, and really dislikes the fact that CR is even out there, because there is so many criticisims about the book. The Cristian Review of the book is a spicific example. This is the same reason there is no picture on the front cover, it was part of the publishing agreement. This page was an excellent aid in getting me into the deeper meaning of the book. Thanx for producing quality materal for people like me to guide themselves by. I will continue to come by this page, and I EXPECT to see more info : ). By the way, to the Kristy-Lee Adams, the only reason you can not fully understand CR is because you are not of the proper age. I can see that you are confused and have been listening to the views of others that can not fully comprehend the meaning of the book. I suggest that when you are older that you read it again and everything will become clear. Please don't deface J.D.'s work unles you can write a better thought-prvoking book book that illistrates the mental workings of a 1950's teen. Well thats all I got to say for now. Thanx!
-Marsh Bernal AOL SN "Winglder"

Name: HC
Sent: 1:43 AM - thu 8 jun 2000
Kristy-Lee Adams (below) ...god you're a pain. No wonder you don't have friends. Ohh, straight A student. Very big deal. So am I. A lot of people are, and just b/c you think you're the smartest person in the entire hemisphere, doesn't make you the best judge of all books. If you think Catcher is such a dumb book, let's see you write one better. I will not sit here and just let you assault JD's awe inspiring art! You need professional help more than I do. What would your father think if he found out you're swearing.

Name: Kristy-Lee Adams
Hometown: Shailer Park, Queensland, Australia
13 (turned in Feb)
Sent: 7:11 AM - wed 7 jun 2000
I have read a lot of books in my days and always get teased about it cos I basically live in my school library and have no friends I am basically an outcast my friend( who i hang around and dont think she actually likes me) Sarah I popular and she thinks im a square!!!!I am also a straight..........A student and cry If i get a b or a c cos my dad gets mad cos he taught me how to read newspapers when i was 4.
Ayway I just wanted to say that who ever wrote this book is a dumb cunt, pig fucking, fat shit mead as if youd write fucked up title like......Catcher in the Rye
fuck man it sucks any way what i wanted to know was what are the hats got to do with it

Name: angelus
Hometown: sunnydale ca
Sent: 10:16 PM - tue 6 jun 2000
hay whats up? well love your page just one thing i got to know did he kill himself ? or not i need to know !!

Name: Laura
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Sent: 12:56 AM - wed 3 may 2000
I have to say this is by far one of the best books I have ever read. The thing that really got me though was the language. The book was written 50 years ago but that dude talks almost exactly like we do. (we=me and the people i hang out with) Stuff like having "...and crap." on the end of a sentence. Goes to prove how things don't really change that much. <br> Anyway I love this book especially cuz it's written so smoothly. It's one of those things where the narrative turns into your own natural train of thought and the events become your own memories. <br> I read this book a few months ago and now I've decided to do a report on it. I read it, forgot about it but it's bubbled up again. It just took awhile to soak in. OK I'll take my comments somewhere else before this turns into an essay. <br> If a body meet a body coming through the rye...

Name: Maren
Hometown: Munich, Germany
Sent: 7:18 PM - mon 1 may 2000
Wundervolle Seite. Ich habe bei einer der Mails den Satz gelesen " The Catcher in the Rye is magic " (so , oder so ähnlich )Ich weiß nicht wie man ihn genau ins Deutsche übersetzt.Aber nichts klingt so passend.

Name: José Coz
Hometown: Santiago,Chile
Sent: 2:54 AM - sun 30 apr 2000
I loved your site, even though I didn't find the thing I was looking for. But I have to argue about your interpretation of the carrousel chapter. I see this scene as a turning point because he stays on the bench without riding with his hat on. Which would mean, for me, that the carrousel is a metaphor for innocence, and he doesn't ride it because he is willing to confront the "phony" world with the protection of the hat, which means not being corrupted...

Name: Luke MacLennan
Hometown: Canada
Sent: 7:30 PM - sat 29 apr 2000
Great Info!
Big time help for my English Independent Study (term paper)

Name: Keith
Hometown: Margate, FL
Sent: 12:41 AM - sat 29 apr 2000
Great Site!!!! The best Catcher site out there, I had to do this huge paper for English on Catcher your site helped out so much, Ihope you keep updating!!!

Name: Victoria
Hometown: ventura
Sent: 3:22 AM - tue 25 apr 2000

Name: johanna souza
Hometown: vermont
Sent: 9:21 PM - tue 18 apr 2000
your idea of making the page inacurate is cool......cause everyone should read this book....but i think adding german translations was a bit absurd.....i hope u read this cause im right.

Name: mr. red
Hometown: compyon
Sent: 5:57 PM - thu 13 apr 2000
your site sucks

Name: shaun
Hometown: kilmore, Aust.
Sent: 5:16 AM - sun 9 apr 2000
why did lee harvey oswald have a copy of catcher in the rye

Name: Sybil Carpenter
Sent: 3:22 AM - sun 9 apr 2000
Just taking a little trip from my midnight hour studying to say hi to all you Caulfield lovers, and Salinger admirers. I have one word to describe my love affair with CITR: passion. When someone can get passionate about a fictional character, and want to will him to life, you know there's something magical about it. Catcher in the Rye is magic.

Name: Sarah
Hometown: Bennington Nebraska
Sent: 12:16 AM - sun 2 apr 2000
I think that this is a wonderful website and wish to thank you for having it. This gives a lot of different views to the book and is very interesting.

Name: Siobhán Walsh
Hometown: Newcastlewest, co. Limerick, Ireland
Sent: 5:16 PM - tue 21 mar 2000
This web page is extemely well laid out and highly informative..A must for fans of "Catcher in the Rye"...especially students of modern American Literature..This web page is a very helpful insight into this amazing classic...Holden is the cty cousin of Huck Finn!

Name: ink
Sent: 3:23 AM - mon 20 mar 2000
i liked catcher in the rye a lot when i read it

Name: Amélie
Sent: 11:34 AM - thu 16 mar 2000
I read The Catcher in The Rye about 2 or 3 years ago, because my cousin lent me the book, and I really really liked it. I finally bought the book (finding the book in France is not easy), and I am re-readig it at the moment. I enjoy it even more than the first time.
I found a sentence in a song by Ace of Base, Life is a Flower, refering to CR. Perhpas you already know, and think (like me) that it is not worth putting on your site (which is great).

Name: Sean
Hometown: Killegar
Sent: 5:06 PM - fri 3 mar 2000
The Catcher In The Rye is a great book. Since reading it i dont get depreesed anymore. I am a manic depressive and no medicine, not even lithium , worked for me. I heard about this book and read it twice and i keep re - reading it .It stops me getting depressed and brings happiness to every aspect of my life now . Thanks J.D.Salinger.

Sent: 9:02 PM - thu 2 mar 2000
Your sneaky summary is brilliant. Too many students are too lazy to read CR, and lots of other terrific books. Besides, if they aren't too lazy to scroll down your page, they'll find out about your little trick anyway. Nice page, good work.

Name: anonyme
Sent: 3:20 PM - wed 1 mar 2000
i read this book in the englishlesson....i love it!
it´s written very very good...thank you mr.salinger!!!!!!!

Sent: 8:38 PM - tue 29 feb 2000
Hey pal your page is load of shit

Name: Fox
Hometown: Darmstadt/Germany
19... why d'ya ask??
Sent: 8:11 PM - mon 28 feb 2000
I can't add anything special, your page is very well done,
provides quite a bunch of informations... I'm goin to write my test tomorrow about the book, so I sought for explicte facts and detaill explanations... but your page is SO impressive, I already found a passage my teacher copied from your page a handed over to us weeks ago...

Name: isabel
Hometown: bozeman MT
Sent: 5:41 AM - wed 23 feb 2000
I recently finished reading Catcher in the Rye for a book report and visited your site in search of help in writing the theme for my report. After reading through your comments and the comments of others, I began to see that there was more to the book than I ever thought there possibly could be. I more I learned about the book, the more thouroghly I began to love it and the message it is giving. Because of your website, I can add Catcher in the Rye to my list of favorites and recommend it to all my friends.

Name: Kristina Giovanis
Hometown: Highland
Sent: 2:13 AM - wed 23 feb 2000
I have just recently finished the book "The Catcher in the Rye." I was let down by the ending. I expected the book to go somewhere and not having a sort-of cliffhanging ending. I would have liked to know what happened between Holden and Jane, and if Holden turned out all right. This web site actually has gotten me more interested in the book by thinking about it in more depth. I have enjoyed reading the different web-site topics. The history and the critics comments were amazing. I am surprised people still view the book negatively because of the language. Great information!! Thanks!

Name: Alex Hansen
Hometown: Fulton
Sent: 8:38 PM - tue 22 feb 2000
Hello Miss Hooper,

I finally found a page, and now I got to sum it up for ya for the 10 points.

This web page gives you all the information you need to know about the books background, such as it was attempted to ban or censor the book itself because it was thought to be to provoking or risque(think thats spelt right). Also along with basic links it tells you about the book itself such as its location and charecters. This is a great Catcher in the Rye website, and any fan would be proud so see it...well except some poeple in the message board such as the Ginny Charecter may take the book too serisouly.

Alex Hansen

Hometown: na
Sent: 5:05 AM - tue 15 feb 2000
Hey, i like your page but i think there is a lot of incorrect info. For example, the reason why holden left the appartement of his old teacher, was because he was feeling his head and he thought that he was a flit. So he left. nothing to do with spaghetti.
Also, they did not call police or come close to calling police when holden saw the profanity written on the school walls. Nothing like that happened. He just thought in his HEAD that someone might catch him, but i didn't happen.
Lots of wrong stuff in your reviews. Tell me if i am wrong in email, but it seems pretty much clear to me that there is inconsistency.

Name: wes
Sent: 12:36 PM - wed 9 feb 2000
'moron(s)' ( j.d. salinger:used w/out permission on wed,the 9th of feb. 2000 at 12:23 p.m.)

Name: Frankie
Hometown: Greenville South Carolina USA
Sent: 3:13 AM - sat 29 jan 2000
Catcher in the Rye is a college English assignment for myself. I came to this website searching for insight. I read the book 3 times already. Every different personality characteristic in this one Holden, to me, is unimaginable. The book had a reputation of controversy, so I was forewarned. I don't fully understand the total message, but I cannot get it out of my mind. Few readings have ever captivated my curiosity to a point of obsession to research an acceptable answer. I think that even if this book angers you, anyone can find a connecting point. I am thankful and proud that sensorship did not deprive me of the subconcious awareness found within the pages of Catcher in the Rye. I am so enlightened, will ask my teenagers to read the book. Just please accept my thanks for your website. It was my first choice and I will be back as my English course progresses and I try to satisify my fascination with translating the contents.

Name: Will J. Dailey
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Sent: 4:07 AM - sat 8 jan 2000
I am a poet, although I do not like the word, and I believe that this book is the best. I consider it my second Bible. Salinger is a true genius. I love his work. I have read it 16 times and still going strong.

Name: Des Torpey
Hometown: Swindon, England
Sent: 3:09 PM - fri 7 jan 2000
This book is so relevant to my life it is scary. It explains such a lot and Holden is one of the most interesting characters in literature. A fine book and a fine website. On a purely pedantic note, is it just me that cannot picture Holden with a crewcut? He shoud surely have a mop of hair in a sixties style.....or it could just be me!

Name: Sheldon Kessel
Hometown: Moorhead, MN USA
Sent: 1:34 AM - fri 7 jan 2000
I loved your site! Literature is a hobby of mine and I love to see websites devoted to great works. Yours is definitely one of the best I've seen. I was puzzled by the inaccurate summary at the beginning and scrolled immediately to the end thinking, "this must be some idiot kid's homework." I was delighted beyond belief when I read that the summary was deliberately screwy. short, EXCELLENT SITE!

Name: Jenny Bowen
Hometown: Doncaster (UK)
Sent: 12:30 PM - sun 2 jan 2000
Excellent informative and eye-opening

Name: Holden
Hometown: New York City
Sent: 2:22 PM - sat 1 jan 2000
Dear Mr Salinger,
Happy birthday to you -
and don't allow anybody to turn me into a movie.
Respectfully yours,
Holden Caulfield