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Sent: 1:35 PM - tue 28 dec 1999
i was very pleased to find some answers to cr. i would thank you very much for this page.:-)))

Name: Buddy
Sent: 2:43 AM - mon 13 dec 1999
i meant some

Name: Buddy Bonura
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Sent: 2:42 AM - mon 13 dec 1999
The Catcher in the Rye sucked! I had to read it in english class and now i have to do swome stupid report on the book i hated

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Sent: 1:10 AM - tue 7 dec 1999
Extremely intrigueing, I adore the book and love the page.
(I'd memorize it too. Anyday.)

Name: Mandy
Sent: 2:16 AM - sun 5 dec 1999
I liked this site but i think it needs more pictures

Name: jeanette brookfield
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Sent: 7:25 PM - fri 3 dec 1999
You seem fairly intelligent, could you please help me in distinguishing the connection between Dante's The Divine Comedy and Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye, I was also wandering about the Little Shirley Beans song, does that really exist? and where could I find the lyrics if it does?
Thanksm, jeanette

Name: Allyson McLauchlin
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Sent: 8:26 PM - wed 24 nov 1999
This site is great, a big help to be on my research of our Holden C. Thanx very much!

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Dec '49 is time of book
Sent: 3:18 AM - fri 19 nov 1999
Someone wrote asking about the time of the book (I emailed them).
Pg. 38: he was 13 when Allie died on July 18, 1946. Pg. 9
he was 16 at the time of the book's story, 17 at the time
of his writing down the story. Pg. 213 he has been near Hollywood
since the time of the story and is going back to school in September. Unless he's been gone over a year, I think this tells us his birthday is between Dec and the summer. This means the story he tells took place in Dec '49.

Name: Jenni Bushman
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Sent: 4:09 AM - thu 18 nov 1999
I'm doing research on a documentary film which will focus on memories--remembered in a sort of "Holden Caufield flashback" kind of way. I found your site to be immensely helpful, and just wanted to thank you for it!



Name: Bebe
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Sent: 2:26 AM - tue 16 nov 1999
I read this book because I felt I had to. It just seemed like something everyone has done, like learning to tie your shoes. Any one who related to this book the should read "I am the Cheese". I forget the author, I read it in like the 5th or 6th grade or something.There is a little bit of a Holden in all of us. If you have never felt ailiented from society, then you are a phony. Be true to yourself.

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Sent: 3:59 PM - sat 23 oct 1999
This was a very good book, and you have a very great website
nice work!!!!!!

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17 1/2
Sent: 12:49 AM - fri 22 oct 1999
Thank you for having a great web site. There is a lot of usefull info here. I really needed it for school! Thanks again!

Name: PunkGuy94
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Sent: 4:03 AM - thu 21 oct 1999
hey,i really thank you for you e-mailin me...i really do...
i'd love to see a flim made of this book,it sounds weird,but i sit in class and vision Holden walking drunk in the middle of Central Park,looking for the ducks and all....i can't explain it,but if i had the resourses and stuff i'd try my damnedist to do so,oh well i'll think of something,keep up the good work on this's a breath of freash air to all of us that need to get out and explore the world.....

Name: elnolan
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Sent: 8:32 PM - wed 20 oct 1999
Thank you for creating your web page. It was a tremendous help to my thirteen year old son who is giving a persuasive speech in school on why the other kids in his class should read this book!

Name: PunkGuy94
Sent: 3:18 AM - tue 19 oct 1999
sorry i can'y spell worth a flip thats a MOVIE,sorry

Name: PunkGuy94
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Sent: 3:16 AM - tue 19 oct 1999
how bout it yall!justa checkin up on this kick ass web no this book has inspired me to look at life in a diierent light,honest...i'm not sure if there is a move on the book? could you please e-mail me to tell me weather or not..i wold love it if you would...we thank yall for the
great support of this master piece....later

Name: James
Sent: 6:10 PM - sun 17 oct 1999

I just read this book in school and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I especially loved reading about all the different places in New York that I've been to. (ie. Lagoon, Museum, Bandshell, etc...)

Name: Kollin Polz
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Sent: 8:22 PM - fri 8 oct 1999
I read the book last week and do not understand the end of the book. I don't understand when he says something about the psychiatrist and when he gets out. I loved the book. Can someone please e-mail me and tell me where he is telling the story and why. Confused in New york