Nov 1, 2016
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In his classic independent film NIGHT ON EARTH   Jim Jarmusch took us on a ride in a taxi in five different cities – Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Rome, and Helsinki.

In the present handy volume, acclaimed author Bernd Wahlbrinck presents an in-depth analysis of the New York episode.


After the moderate success of NICHT ZU FASSEN – an anthology actually consisting of 26 German and 10 English reviews of non-existing books (!) – Wahlbrinck has written something completely different for a change: a somewhat lengthy review of a film which really exists.

Anyone who shares the author's enthusiasm for the New York episode of Jim Jarmusch's famous movie NIGHT ON EARTH will enjoy the analysis of the film as a slice of life story, of the discussion between Yoyo and Helmut about fresh hats and about weird names like Lampshade,  and of various other interesting aspects.

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People have been asking: Why on earth did Wahlbrinck write this book? Rumour has it he was flabbergasted when suddenly realizing that the works he had been writing all those reviews of in NICHT ZU FASSEN did not even exist in the first place. To somehow make up for it he spontaneously decided to write an extensive review of the New York episode of Night on Earth, apparently having triple-checked that the movie really exists.

It turns out we have to give him credit: the film does exist, and it is both a pleasure and an education to read this little volume.

Jake Cauffle, Oxbridge Monthly

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